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- Self-Cleaning Filtering Screen



QUILTON continuous band self-cleaning filtering screen combines the filtering screen with its cleaning system, which ensures the automatic removal of floating and suspended screenings in a flow of liquid. The size of the screenings that it is able to remove ranges from a diameter of 70 mm., for Q-100 models, to a diameter of 180 mm for Q-200 models.


The continuous band automatic filtering screen without central chain, of up to 2 m. in width on the Q-200 model, consists of elements, known as teeth, mounted on stainless steel shafts. The band screen is driven by stainless steel chains on both sides of these shafts.

SIts self-cleaning means a clean screen is always presented to the flow of liquid, which guarantees that the QUILTON SCREEN™ operates efficiently, with a long life, without supervision and requiring minimum maintenance.

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