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The direction of your process flow can have a lot to do with your overall process efficiency. Radial flow systems produce far less pressure drop across the bed a controlling process parameter for some applications. Not only does this produce a higher yield, it’s more energy efficient as well.


Radial flow systems increase contact efficiency between the process stream and catalyst bed. Because of this, vessel size can be dramatically reduced. Given equal vessel diameters, for example, a 6.1 m / 4.5 ft. tall radial flow system can handle the same flow as a 12.2 m / 9 ft. long horizontal bed. 

Processors can save on vessel capital cost and the equipment operating costs needed to push the flow through it. Some processes achieve the highest production rate of desired product by operating with very low pressure drops across the screen and bed.

Johnson Screens is the premier supplier of screen sets requiring tight annulus tolerances.

Performance, economy and efficiency make radial flow systems especially well-suited for the following processes: 

  • Catalytic reforming (fixed bed and continuous/regenerative) 
  • Styrene dehydrogenation Nox removal Systems 
  • Solvent recovery
  • Hydrodesulphurizing units
  • Mercury removal
  • Ammonia converters
  • Isomerization systems
  • Other thin-bed annulus systems
  • Molecular Sieve Dehydrators 

Johnson Screens' expertise with radial flow processes enables us to provide you with superior reactor internal designs and products.

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