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Aqseptence Group is a leading global supplier of specialized products, equipment and system solutions for filtration & separation and water technology for various applications and unites some of the most renowned brands of the industry, serving industrial and municipal customers for more than 100 years. Our company is headquartered in Germany’s Aarbergen, close to Frankfurt am Main and employs around 1,400 people. We offer a comprehensive range of services to you for the entire value chain – from engineering all the way to startup and maintenance. Our company’s name combines the terms “aqua” and “separation”, thereby referring to our core business separation (and filtration) and water technology. At the same time the name provides an allusion to “competence”. This attribute is an integral part of our company’s ambition and brand personality – describing best what has been driving us for decades.

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Passavant-Geiger-Straße 1 , Aarbergen , 65326 Germany

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Water and Wastewater - Water Filtration and Separation
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Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €


Technology in the solid-liquid separation industry has evolved rapidly during the last fifty years and from the beginning, Bilfinger Water Technologies has played a very important role in this evolutionary process by developing innovative solutions which are used for a diverse range of industrial applications.In this way, the MISSION of the company has always been projecting and manufacturing machinery able to represent the reference standard in the filtration industry.This has been possible through the study of solid-liquid separation processes, by means of collecting and analyzing laboratory data, allowing the company to develop efficient, leading-edge technical solutions.

DIEMME's story started in 1923, when the founder, Mr. Alfredo Melandri, planned and realised the first machines for mechanically pressing grapes. During the first decades of the last century, the main market of the company was the oenological industry and we developed innovative technologies for our wine-making customers. The success of our machinery spread worldwide, due to its innovative and durable design. During the 60s, thanks to the intuition of Mr. Primo Melandri, Alfredo's son, the filtration technologies that had been applied exclusively to the oenological sector up until then, were expanded to other industrial processes. Europe was facing a period of remarkable economical growth and the growing demand for filters within the industrial sector could only be satisfied with the establishment of a new division within the company; this section, was specialized in solid-liquid separation technology and was equipped with its own technical, commercial and production structures. In the early 1970s, Diemme was therefore reorganized and restructured in order to become a true multi-business company. Two divisions in the company were set up: the Filter Division and the Oenology Division; each quickly achieved industry leadership in their respective sectors, both nationally and internationally. In 2011 the filter division was parceled out from DIEMME SPA and bought by PASSAVANT GEIGER GmbH, part of Bilfinger Berger Group.
The company born by the filter division spin-off, named DIEMME FILTRATION, becomes part of PASSAVANT GEIGER GmbH, set in the Bilfinger Berger business unit Facility Service, specialized in environmental technologies and water treatment. After a reorganisation and rebranding of the Bilfinger Group, Diemme Filtration change its company name on the 1st of March 2013 to Bilfinger Water Technologies srl and become part of the Bilfinger Water Technologies Group.

The heart of Bilfinger Water Technologies is represented by the research centre. A qualified department of chemists and engineers, based in the laboratory at our headquarters in Lugo, test product samples coming from all over the world each day.

The company's presence in many countries with varied industrial traditions led Bilfinger Water Technologies to gain considerable experience in many markets, including:


The business of Bilfinger Water Technologies in the mining sector is: beneficiation of metals  (iron, nickel, copper, zinc), benification of non-metals benification of noble metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium), coal processing, calcium carbonate and minerals in general (silicates, clays, kaolins, etc..)


The business of Bilfinger Water Technologies in the metallurgical sector is: hydrometallurgy,  metals refining  (vanadium chromium manganese), noble and rare metals refining (gold, silver, palladium, platinum) and steel plant and foundry  (fumes treatment).


The business of Bilfinger Water Technologies in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors is: fine chemistry, basic chemistry, fertilizers, synthetic fibres, special and technical gas, pigments and dyes, plastic materials and synthetic resins, varnish, ink, adhesives, perfumes, cosmetics, soaps fats, oils, petrochemical, cements, hydraulic binders, treatment of surfaces, lead recovery from batteries, vaccines, antibiotics, blood derivates and pectins.


The business of Bilfinger Water Technologies in the quarries sector is: aggregates for construction  (sands, gravel) and aggregates from marble and granite processing.


The business of Bilfinger Water Technologies in the municipality sector is: drinking water plants, waste water treatment, incinerating plants and  treatment percolates of Urban Solid Wastes.


The business of Bilfinger Water Technologies in the alimentary sector is: agricultural and food, dairy-industry, distillation, slaughter-house, sugar industry, growing industry, oil-mill, brewery.


The business of Bilfinger Water Technologies in the ceramic, glass and crystal sector is: production of tiles, production of enamelled sandstone, production of ceramic mixings (barbotines) and glass and crystal.


Maintain the intellectual property of the company and improve our knowledge of solid-liquid filtration systems. Develop new solutions in plant design and improvements in the filtration process relating to filter presses.

As a result of its commitment to research and development, Bilfinger Water Technologies studies and tests innovative systems and solutions in the delicate process of solid-liquid separation, thus continuously widening and strengthening its unparalleled experience that started in 1923. The testing, carried out by a team of chemists and engineers together with customers’ technicians, aims to determine the filtration parameters for the tested products. This is done in order to perfect both the production process provided by the customer and the performance of the equipment provided by Bilfinger Water Technologies



Bilfinger Water Technologies has different solutions for the execution of filtration tests, both in its laboratories and at the customer's site, with desk unit or the pilot units installed in container.  These are equipped with a wide range of accessories to can simulate various industrial process which allow them to gather accurate filtration testing results.


From consultation to after-sales service in 10 operating phases:

  1. Specialized technical support
  2. Research and materials testing
  3. Design and engineering
  4. Production and transport
  5. Installation and testing
  6. “Turn key” delivery
  7. Personnel instruction
  8. Telecontrol through modem
  9. “Full Service” programmed maintenance
  10. Prompt aftersales assistance.

Bilfinger Water Technologies staff are highly trained to offer you the highest possible level of expertise and service in all stages of the Installation process:

  • Installation of the machines on site
  • Supervision of the installation of ancillary equipment
  • Laying of hydraulic and pneumatic connections
  • Electrical connection
  • Programming of PLC software
  • Plant commissioning and start-up
  • Personnel instruction

After sales services

  • Call center for direct telephone assistance 
  • Telecontrol of the plants, direct from Bilfinger Water Technologies offices
  • On line ordering of spare parts
  •  'Full Service' programmed maintenance including inspections and spare parts supply

Bilfinger Water Technologies has the following certifications: quality ISO 9001 VISION 2008 certification, GOST certification, and moreover Bilfinger Water Technologies is qualified to manufacture machines according to the ATEX rules, which advise of the standard proceduresfor the manufacture and installation of machines in explosive environments.

Bilfinger Water Technologies has worked for decades on a worldwide scale and can boast about 6000 installations across five continents. Our consulting and technical services are guaranteed by the widespread sales network, including direct foreign branches, together with exclusive sales agents and distributors. The company's presence in many countries with varied industrial traditions led Bilfinger Water Technologies to gain considerable experience in many markets, including:

  • Mining
  • Metallurgicals
  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Quarries
  • Municipalities
  • Alimentaries
  • Ceramics, glass and crystal

In the solid-liquid separation segment Bilfinger Water Technologies succeeded in conquering a notable portion of the market thanks to its skill in extreme customization of plants, made to specific customers’ needs.

Bilfinger Water Technologies boasts, besides, the widest filter press range currently available in the world.

Further to the structural design, which can be either overhead beam or side beam, Bilfinger Water Technologiesrange of filter presses can vary in both size and automation level.

The filter press size depends on the plate size and on the number of plates installed.

The Diemme® Filtration filter presses can include plates of: different sizes (from 500x500 mm to 2500x2500 mm); materials ( PVDF, polypropylene, carbon, etc..) and modern technology (membrane plate and recessed plate).

Regarding the degree of automation, Diemme® Filtration filter presses can be: Semi-automatic (need operator intervention during some cycle phases); Automatic (require only operation supervision); or for your ultimate convenience, Fully automatic: (can work continuously without any operator intervention).

Bilfinger Water Technologies engineering staff design and deliver the custom-made solution most suited to the customer, including the correct choice of materials, components, ancillaries, etc…

Each detail is, in fact, studied closely and optimized to suit a specific application.

In the last 10 years Bilfinger Water Technologies could extend its own machinery range to cover all possible applications with the best available technology.

Thanks to our designers, engineers and chemists, Bilfinger Water Technologies is able to supply, in every circumstance, complete solutions, assisting the customer from the identification of the problem to implementing the solution, differing from other filter presses manufacturers because of its ability to project manage and supply complete sludge dewatering plants in which the centre-point is the filter press.