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- Model XT - Personal Radiation Monitor



RadMan is worn on the body and emits a loud warning signal when 50% of the maximum permitted flux density is exceeded. An earphone can be attached so the signal can be heard even in very noisy environments. Four LEDs indicate the electromagnetic radiation flux density in stages of 12.5 %, 25 %, 50 % and 100 %.

The RadMan XT version is equipped with a data logger.

RadMan and RadMan XT are available for the following human safety standards
ICNIRP 1998, Occupational
ICNIRP 1998, General Public (E field only, with data logger)
BGV B11 2001, Exposure range 1
Canada Safety Code 6 99 EHD-237, RF Workers
U.S. FCC 96-326, Occupational / Controlled
Japan RCR-38, Controlled

ESM-TS for RadMan XT
Transfer Set with remote control software for RadMan meters

Online functions of ESM-TS
Result display (online), actual and averaged
Remote control function
Data logging functions of ESM-TS
(only in connection with RadMan XT)

Displays of memory data as line and bar graph
Data export in tabular or text format
Automatic release of a plain standard report
Statistics information (mean values, maximum values, total time, limit values exceeded)

Product features

  • Automatic evaluation of exposure frequencies according to human safety standard
  • Simultaneous determination of E and H field near field components
  • Minimized influence of body shielding and reflection effects
  • Data logger (XT model)
  • Calibration every 3 years recommended

Frequency range, E field 1 / 3 MHz to 40 GHz
Frequency range H field 1 / 3 / 27 MHz to 1 GHz
Weight 130 g
Dimensions 37 x 41 x 163 mm

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