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Pulsair helps accelerate the heating of liquids in rail tank cars in a fast and cost-effective manner using the Pulsair PTM-2000 (Portable Tank Mixer). The PTM is also an excellent choice to mobilize waste heels during tank cleaning and remediation. Additionally, for some rail car contents, the products must be heated by steam coils continuously until they reach the appropriate pumping temperature. Pulsair helps with the heating process by sequentially injecting air into the tanks moving heated materials away from the steam coils keeping it from scorching and allowing it to quickly transfer heat to materials not in contact with coils.

Increase heat transfer & reduce heating times

The Pulsair mixing process is able to rotate the liquid in the rail car which maintains the greatest temperature differential across the heat source, thereby increasing the rate of heat transfer. The warmer liquid materials are moved away from the heating source allowing colder liquids to come in contact with the heating surface.

Increase Energy Efficiency

The same number of BTUs are still required when using Pulsair to heat the liquid to the desired pumping temperature however, actual steam usage and heat loss are significantly reduced. Operators who sparge rail tank cars with air lances or bleed compressed air in through the bottom drain valve will see a significant drop in SFCM usage after switching to Pulsair. The long-term average air consumption is less than 10 SFCM with Pulsair whereas air sparging can consume between 50-300 SCFM.

Tank Blending

Rail tank cars can also be converted into blending tank. Pulsair has many food, petroleum and chemical customers who use our equipment to blend liquids with compressed nitrogen gas.

  • Helps facilitate uniform heat transfer of contents
  • Reduces steam heating system costs and heating times
  • Successfully mixes liquids with a kinematic viscosity of up to 100,000 centistokes
  • Keeps solids in suspension
  • Reduces burning and scorching of tank contents
  • Effectively mixes liquids- mixing time vary based on viscosity & temperature
  • Reduces wear and tear on pumps

  • Dextrose, liquid sugar
  • Molasses
  • Vegetable food oils
  • Chocolate
  • Slurries
  • Tallow & oleo products
  • Bitument, coal tar pitch & creosote
  • Heavy crude oil
  • Waxy crude oils
  • Lubricant additives
  • Viscosity improvers
  • Chemical mixing & blending

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