Liberty Carbon Service, Inc

Liberty Carbon Service, Inc

- Reactivated Carbon


We can also provide 8X30 mesh granular reactivated carbon.

Liberty Carbon and Carbon Central meet all the appropriate carbon quality measuring standards of iodine number, apparent density, hardness, sieve size, surface area, etc.  We also meet the NSF, ANSI, and AWWA criteria required to conduct our business. Additionally, we have conducted the process research necessary to ensure the product we provide is the toughest and most durable available.  We evaluated dozens of domestic and imported activated carbons in accelerated adsorption and reactivation tests, and are pleased to offer you this high quality agglomerated, imported carbon. Lastly, users should evaluate the total cost of carbon ownership.  Since  Liberty Carbon and Carbon Central are co-operators, there is never a cost  for removal and disposal of your spent carbon.

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