- Reagents for Soil & Groundwater Remedation



MetaFix Reagents are customized formulations of reducing agents, reactive minerals, mineral activators, catalysts and pH modifiers to cost effectively address heavy metals at even the most challenging sites. MetaFix is capable of treating comingled plumes of multiple heavy metals and chlorinated solvents.

Following placement of MetaFix into the treatment zone, a number of physical and chemical processes combine to create geochemical conditions under which common heavy metals are subjected to reduction, adsorption, precipitation, and conversion to stable sulfide and iron-sulfide precipitates. These heavy metal sulfide precipitates have greater stability than metal hydroxide precipitates that are formed with traditional metals treatment approaches based on pH adjustment. A custom MetaFix blend is developed based on a site’s specific conditions through a low-cost treatability study to address soil and/or groundwater impacts.

The MetaFix approach offers a truly one of a kind, proprietary, customized solution for the most challenging metals sites

  • The proven ability to address multiple heavy metals including; Al, As, Cd, Cu, Cr, Hg, Ni, Pb, Se, V, and Zn
  • Superior Cr(VI) treatment with the formation of more stable mixed (Cr, Fe) hydroxides
  • The capability of treating comingled plumes of heavy metals and chlorinated solvents
  • Low overall treatment costs based on lower reagent dosing rates, as low as 0.1%-4% (wt/wt), versus other metals treatment technologies
  • The treatment mechanism is not dependent on alkalinity for removal of metals, therefore not susceptible to rebound when the matrix pH
  • returns to ambient levels

  • Direct push injection
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic fracturing
  • Direct soil mixing
  • Permeable Reactive Barriers

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