Donau Carbon Technologies S.r.l. (DCT)

- Recuperative Thermal Oxidation Plant



The recuperative thermal oxidation allows the air depuration by thermal oxidation at 750-800°C. The thermal recovery is done by means of an air-air heat exchanger.

The polluted stream is driven to the heat exchanger by a fan, where it is pre-heated thanks to the heat contained in the depurated stream.

Then the polluted stream enters the oxidation chamber whose shape and dimensions are designed in such a way to ensure the uniform temperature and heat distribution. Here the oxidation process happens.

The burner provides the needed heat to obtain the rapid and complete combustion of pollutants, in turbulent conditions with low NOx production.

The purified flow coming out from the combustion chamber, before entering in the polluted air preheating exchanger, passes through a recovery boiler where the thermal oil used in production is heated.

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