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Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers



A recuperative thermal oxidizer is best for process applications with lower flow rates or VOC concentrations above 10% LEL. Applications of a recuperative thermal oxidizer include amine treater off gas, cellulosic ethanol plants, calciner and spray dryer exhaust, and chemical manufacturing processes.

The recuperative thermal oxidizer heat exchanger is designed to recover up to 75% of available thermal energy for reuse in preheating the incoming process airstream.

Standard VOC destruction efficiency for a recuperative thermal oxidizer is 99% plus. Each oxidizer is designed for the conditions of a specific application. Sizes range from 200 SCFM to 10,000 SCFM.

The oxidizer body is a compact preassembled unit consisting of a shell and tube heat exchanger combustion chamber, burner and internal light ceramic fiber insulation.


  • VOC destruction efficiency 99% plus
  • Variable heat exchanger designs available from 40%-75% thermal efficiency
  • Reactor chamber with ceramic fiber, high density insulation
  • Standardized design
  • Easy maintenance

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