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- Model 929 - Reliant Fire Hydrant



The M&H Style 929 Reliant fire hydrant offers reliability in providing superior fire protection service. The Reliant hydrant is engineered to give life-long, maximum performance. Its design features simplify installation and maintenance. It offers trouble-free operation and economy, too. Its rugged construction and unique traffic lug design assure minimal damage on vehicle impact and fast, low cost repair.From top to bottom, the Reliant is one tough hydrant. The Reliant meets or exceeds all requirements of the American Waterworks Standard C-502 for fire hydrants. It is also is UL listed and approved by Factory Mutual.

  1. Integral Operating Nut and Weather Shield provide tamper resistant top works and protects the operating mechanism from the elements. Ease of operation is assured by a nylon anti-friction thrust bearing. A positive stop stem nut protects the main valve stem, stem coupling and main valve from potential damages occurring from excess input torque in the open position.
  2. Factory-lubricated with grease, the 'Reliant' hydrant can be greased or oil lubricated in the field. This important maintenance requirement of all fire hydrants can be performed by re-greasing or by simply filling the oil reservoir through the weather shield bolt. These reservoirs are dual 'O' ring sealed to provide positive prevention of lubricant leakage into the hydrant or water leakage into the bonnet area.
  3. A Unique field-proven lug arrangement provides full 360-degree rotation of nozzle section. Also assures effective breakaway on vehicle impact and fast, low cost repair. Additionally, the stem coupling between the upper and lower main valve stem fractures on a plane below the level of the standpipe flange. This assures that a vehicle tire cannot depress the main valve after impact.
  4. The 5 1A' main valve opening assures high flow capacity. The compression type main valve opens against the pressure and is held shut by this pressure during repair or maintenance. Two drain valves provide quick drainage of the hydrant standpipe following closure of the hydrant. These drains are self-flushing with each cycle of the main valve.

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