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Replacement Filters


Kimre, Inc. offers a complete line of fiber bed filter mist collector systems. We design and fabricate fiber bed coalescing filters for use in a wide range of applications in various industries to reduce and eliminate liquid mist emissions. Available in standard or custom- designed configurations to fit new or existing systems in the field. Our fiber bed coalescing filters offer long filter life and simplified maintenance.

  • High removal efficiency
  • Long filter life – Up to 10 years
  • Custom designed filters for any vessel
  • Filter re-pack on site or at Kimre’s plant
  • Increased surface area
  • Smaller footprint
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Complete turn-key systems

  • Chemical: Acid / Caustic Mist
  • Asphalt: Storage Tank Emissions
  • Metals: Rolling Mill Lubricant Emissions
  • Power: Turbine Lube Oil Vent
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Pulp & Paper: Scrubber Visible Emissions
  • Semiconductor: Wet Bench Acid Mist
  • Printed Wire Board: Hot Air Solder Leveling
  • Fertilizer: Nitric Acid / Platinum Recovery
  • Food Processing: Fryer Lines

Fiber bed filter mist collectors are used to trap, collect and remove liquids and soluble particulate suspended in a gas stream. They are also used to collect insoluble solids.

Filters are typically constructed in annular cylindrical form with an outer and inner screen and the filter material placed between the two screens.

Mist laden gas passes in a horizontal direction perpendicular to one side of the fiber bed and cleaned gas exists from the opposite side. The particles are trapped and held by the fibers as they try to pass through the fiber bed. The collected particles coalesce on the filter surface and drain by gravity.

The filter units rest or are suspended from a tube sheet inside a closed tank. Gas flow can be from outside the filter face to the inside or vice versa.

  • Filter Media: Fiberglass, polypropylene, polyester, PPS, and others
  • Vessel: Carbon steel, stainless steels, high alloys, plastics, and fiberglass

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