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Claro's Mixer Retrofit Program modernizes existing gas and internal-to-tank mechanical draft tube mixers by installing fully-flushable, non-clog Big Bubble Gun Mixer™ bubble injectors onto the existing draft tube mixer units. Custom-designed, manufactured, and installed within a few weeks of purchase order, our rapid response retrofits provide existing systems a new lease on life state-of-the-art performance and very short digester downtimes at an exceptional cost-savings. Retrofits are typically installed within a few days following a digester's clean-out and will significantly diminish future digester maintenance requirements.

Complete digester mixing system replacement by Big Bubble Gun Mixers™ also available as part of our rapid response Mixer Retrofit Program.

  • Big Bubble Gun bubble injectors are of a non-clog design: large internal clearances and no internal hang-up points.
  • Big Bubble Gun bubble injector internals are fully flushable from outside the tank. No tank drainage is required.
  • No moving parts in digester or other process tank
  • Rapid retrofit installation / very short digester downtime
  • Cost-effective approach to digester modernization and process optimization
  • Please see Claro Big Bubble Gun Mixers for more features and advantages
  • Please also see our low-maintenance and quiet-operation liquid-ring compressors


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