Gillespie + Powers, Inc.

Round Top Melter


The Gillespie + Powers, Inc. Round Top Melter was designed for rapid charging and melting of large quantities of metal. Can utilize reverse flow concept which provides for effective use of flue gas discharged from the main hearth to preheat sows, a inexpensive means of supplementing the direct charge melter capacity. Greater productivity, increased efficiency. Improves melt rates, decreases melt loss. Incorporates Gillespie + Powers, Inc. innovations and applications for full utilization of thermal capacity of the melter.


Gillespie + Powers, Inc. has eliminated the use of water-cooling top rings, and uses a dry-on-dry refractory design for sealing of the roof of the round top melters.  The proprietary low pressure circumferential air sealing system has effectively eliminated water-cooling requirements for round top melting furnaces.

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