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SanRO and SanRO-HS elements are USP (United States Pharmacopoeia)-compliant and are typically used in producing purified water in pharmaceutical, medical, biotechnology, food, beverage and semiconductor processes. Elements meet all requirements for purified water (PW) and conform to FDA Regulation CFR, Title 21. SanRO and SanRO-HS elements feature a net-type outer wrapping that allows easy access for cleaning in place, reducing the potential for element fouling and residual accumulation of contaminants on the element’s exterior. Sites where microbial growth might occur are thereby eliminated when compared with fiberglass-wrapped elements. Heat sanitization reaches areas where biocides may not be able to reach and is also a process that is easy to monitor and control.

SanRO-HS elements provide all the benefits of SanRO with the advantage of being able to be sanitized at the element at temperatures of up to 85 ºC. Users of SanRO-HS elements save the costs of unnecessary cleaning chemicals in a “green” approach to cleaning membrane elements, also eliminating chemical handling and disposal costs.


  • Water for bio-pharm systems.
  • Water for cosmetic production.
  • Container rinsing.

SanRO Product Offerings:


  • A heat-sanitizable version, sanitizable at 85 ºC.


  • A higher fluxing version of the HS with slightly less rejection.

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