Scanning electron microscope

The completion of the new building of the German Entomological Institute (DEI) in 2004 made it possible to purchase the scanning electron microscope JSM-6060LV. This instrument allows to study both vacuum-metallized and non-metallized samples. The second procedure has proved particular important for work at the DEI because it allows the non-destructive analysis of valuable biological material (e.g. primary types and other unique specimens). For studies on wet samples and for X-ray micro-analysis, the available basic instrument can be further upgraded.

The attached REM lab has ready for use dissection instruments, tools and chemicals which are required peripherally. The critical-point dryer CPD7501 (Polaron) allows to dry soft samples while keeping its shape, such as insects with thin integument and cell tissue which would shrink under air drying. The freezing dryer P3 (Piatowski Forschungsgeräte) allows a better conservation of colours, e.g. pigment colours on larvae, this procedure, however, being less suited for keeping microstructures. The Sputter Coater SC7640 (Polaron) is used to coat dry samples with gold or gold/palladium, a technique allowing a higher resolution of surface structures.

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