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High-specification digital continuous emissions (CEMS) analyzer, designed for multi-gas measurement of criterion pollutants, greenhouse gases and reference oxygen. The advanced SERVOPRO 4900 Multigas delivers high-performance multi-gas monitoring designed specifically for the continuous emissions monitoring of flue gas.

This sensitive analyzer uses a combination of Servomex’s leading-edge, patented, digital sensing technologies, including Paramagnetic O2, and the non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) techniques of Single Beam Single Wavelength (SBSW) and Gas Filter Correlation (GFx).

When combined with a suitable sampling system the 4900 Multigas provides unparalleled MCERT/QAL1 measurements of criterion pollutants NO, SO2 and CO, plus O2 and greenhouse gases CO2, N2O and CH4.

The 4900 Multigas delivers this impressive monitoring power with a low cost of ownership, for a highly attractive analytical package.

Designed to be compact and robust, the 4900 Multigas requires minimal cabinet space and can be easily integrated into other systems, helping to reduce installation costs. 

With low operational requirements, facilitated through long calibration intervals by ultra-stable, high performance sensing technologies and auto-calibration capabilities, the 4900 Multigas is an ideal, affordable CEMS solution.

The 4900 Multigas is backwards-compatible with existing 4900 installations and uses the same reliable measurement technology, providing trusted gas analysis combined with the advanced digital communications required by modern systems.

  • Provides a complete continuous emissions monitoring solution for flue gas analysis
  • Ideal for criterion pollutant/greenhouse gas monitoring: % level O2, CO2 and CO, plus ppm level SO2, NO, CO, CH4 and N2O
  • Continuous multi-gas monitoring
  • Digital communications for remote access: RS232/RS485 Modbus and PROFIBUS (Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP to follow
Easy to use
  • Small and compact: designed for simplified integration into existing systems and for easy fit into a cabinet
  • Auto-calibration facility
  • Intuitive-use, icon-driven color touchscreen for easy device interaction and configuration
  • USB serial port for data logging and software upgrades
Low cost of ownership
  • Reduced ongoing operational needs facilitated by auto-calibration function
  • Extended calibration periods from ultra-stable, industry-leading Paramagnetic and SBSW/GFx IR sensing technologies
Unrivalled performance
  • Non-depleting sensors for ultra-stable, accurate and selective measurements
  • Manufactured by Servomex – more than 60 years’ experience innovating and pioneering gas analysis, and thousands of units used in the field every year
Benchmark compliance
  • In compliance with Low Voltage, EMC and applicable EU Directives
  • Certified to MCERTS (EN15627-3) and QAL 1 (EN14181) - O2, SO2, CO and NO

  • 132.5mm (5.2”) high
    481.6mm (19”) wide
    544.2mm (21.4”) deep
  • With expansion chassis, height is 265.5mm (10.5”)
  • Main unit: approx. 14kg (30.9lb)
  • Expansion chassis: approx. 13.7kg (302.2lb)
    (weight dependent on number and type of sensors used)
  • EN 61010-1: Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use
  • EN 61326-1: Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use
  • EMC requirements
  • Installation Category II rated in accordance with IEC664
  • Certified to MCERTS (EN15627-3) and QAL 1 (EN14181) - O2, SO2, CO and NO

  • Utility boilers
  • Clinical waste incinerators
  • Chemical incinerators
  • Crematoria
  • Mobile labs
  • Research into greenhouse gases

Ensure your Multigas 4900 delivers optimum performance with Servomex Service Network.

Through our global network of engineers and service centers, we provide complete lifetime support for your analyzer. Our services range from installation and commissioning to supplying high quality spares and arranging scheduled servicing: visit our Service Network pages to find out more.

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