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Model STP-CA/K/N/CL Series - Short Static Waste Compactors



The waste compactors of STP-CA/K/N/CL series are short compactors with an entirely new design. The particular advantage of short compactors is that they attain the optimum ratio of the total length of the unit to the enormous size of the filling opening. The design of the compacting system, with two crossed cylinders, saves a great deal of space while still increasing the capacity of the compacting chamber.

The area of application of these compactors is the compaction of high-volume waste, such as packaging, cardboard, films/foils, etc., from wholesale and retail markets which generate moderate levels of waste.

  • Extremely large filling opening (e.g. 1950 x1690 mm on the STP-CL)
  • Enormous processing capacity (e.g. STP-CL; 2.2m3/stroke)
  • Extremely high compacting force, up to 360kN (STP-CL.75)
  • Compactor designed in accordance with the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and German accident prevention regulations ('CE')

  • Container 75% full light
  • Increase in compacting force for the container lock is standard
  • Pendulous steel scraper in front of the ram
  • Ram with plastic fine scraper at the bottom (ideal for scraps of paper)
  • Cylinder mounted in rotatable eyelets
  • Patented aluminium valve control block is practically maintenance-free.
  • Maintenance friendly electrical switch cabinet and hydraulic unit are easily accessible
  • Electronic safety controller is easily expandable for many additional functions

  • Container 100% full light
  • End position of the ram 'open' or 'closed'
  • Cable remote control via the data port
  • Hopper over filling opening or wall chute
  • Integrated container tipping mechanisms attached to the side or front
  • Fill level notification via mobile phone

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