- Model MCP-TP - Multi Process Control Panel



The MCP-TP Series is a multiple process loop control panel designed to complement the Singer Model 2SC-PCO Dual Solenoid Control Valve. Range of application is dependent on the feedback (process variables) transmitters used, which is similar to (but not limited to) combination automatic control valve functions with conventional pilots.

The MCP-TP control panel has the ability to monitor multiple processes and remotely control the dual solenoid control valve based on system conditions. The MCP-TP control panel can function as a simple single loop controller (e.g., pressure reducing, flow control, level control to multiple loop controller.)

The MCP-TP reads transmitted signals and energizes the dual solenoid pilots on the Singer control valve. The MCP-TP can react to any change in conditions by monitoring the system continuously and comparing actual process values to desired set-point values.

Optional alarm outputs for SCADA is available.

  • Versatility in programming for custom applications
  • Flexibility of single or multiple process monitoring
  • High performance PLC-based control with P.I.D. optimization
  • Capability of remote SCADA 4 – 20 mA or local set-point(s) adjustment
  • Precise valve positioning
  • Visual status indication
  • Robust and self-contained in NEMA 4X rated panel
  • Intuitive colour touch screen interface display
  • Capable of local control of model 2SC-PCO dual solenoid valves

MCP-TP monitors inlet pressure while filling tank at a relatively steady flow rate. If tank is full, valve closes. If inlet pressure drop below normal, valve will modulate to close to keep inlet pressure from dropping further.

Model (MCP-TP) touch panel screen is a user-friendly operator interface that enables intuitive control and monitoring. Model (MCP-TP) touch panel screen eliminates the need for mechanical push buttons, switches, and indicator lights and readouts. The screen is custom tailored to customer-specific application requirements.
Touch Panel Details

  • Dimensions: 7 in / 175 mm W x 5 in / 125 mm L
  • Display: 256 Color TFT
  • Protection: NEMA 4X rain-tight
  • Power Supply: 24 VDC at 240 mA
  • Screen can be customized to application

  • The multi-process control panel shall be Singer Valve model MCP-TP, powered by 120 VAC to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz source. The Model MCP-TP shall have pre-programmed logic module, adjustments and connection terminals, housed inside NEMA 4X rated rain-tight enclosure.
  • The multi-process control panel shall accept SCADA set-point 4 - 20 mA signals and process variable 4 - 20 mA signals. The dual solenoid control valve shall be positioned by the multi-process control panel based on specified system conditions.
  • The multi-process control panel shall incorporate a pre-programmed logic controller with P.I.D. optimization and real math calculation for accuracy.
  • The multi-process control panel shall have 24 VDC, 1.3 amp auxiliary power supply.
  • Dual solenoid control shall be via solid state relays with zero-voltage switching.
  • The multi-process control panel shall have a door-mounted color touch screen interface.
  • Prior to shipment, the panel shall undergo full function and operational tests.

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