- Model SPC - Pump Control Panel



The SPC pump control panel provides the interface between the pump motor starter and the Singer pump control valve. The SPC ensures that the pump starts and stops without causing line surges.

The SPC panel energizes the control valve pilot solenoid simultaneously with pump start. When pump shut-down is required the panel keeps the pump running while the pilot solenoid is de-energized. The panel turns the pump off just as the control valve completes its full stroke travel. The SPC panel is equipped with delay timers and emergency fault contacts to provide the customer with local and remote indication for various operational failure conditions. The SPC panel is connected to the pilot solenoid and limit switch that are standard components in the control valve pilot system. The panel is also connected to the customer supplied pump discharge pressure switch and the pump motor starter. A second limit switch and emergency shutdown solenoid are optional components for the control valve pilot system. The logical arrangement of indicator lights with the Hand Off Automatic (HOA) selector switch provides easy supervision of the sequencing and the operating status.

  • Automatically interfaces pump and control valve to avoid starting and stopping surges
  • Visual indication of operational status
  • Simple to install
  • Suitable for use with either in-line booster or deep well by-pass pump control valves
  • Reduces field wiring costs

SPC Pump Control Panel
  • The pump control panel shall be a Singer Valve model SPC-”_____”-”_____”, powered by 120 VAC / 60 Hz (220 VAC / 50 Hz) source, suitable for interfacing with Singer Model 106-BPC, -PG-BPC and -DW / 206-BPC, PG-BPC and DW pump control valves.
  • The panel shall include 3 amp controls circuit breaker, and a 20 amp motor starter panel contact circuit breaker. Logic module, relays, and fully labelled connection terminals shall be housed inside a NEMA 4X rated rain tight enclosure.
  • The pump control panel shall provide proper sequencing and operation of the pump control valve with the pumping system.
  • The pump control panel shall accept a pressure switch dry contact, limit switch dry contact, and remote start command contact
  • The pump control panel shall use a pre-programmed logic module to provide proper sequencing and digitally adjustable delay timer adjustments
  • The pump control panel shall have cover-mounted HOA (Hand Off Automatic) switch, operation indicator lights, and alarm indicator lights
  • Prior to shipment, the panel shall undergo full function and operational tests

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