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The SludgeManager combines the good points of the proven Electric Mole™, such as robustness, ease of maintenance and stainless-steel construction, with the advantages of fully automated operation. It has been developed jointly by Thermo-System, the ACAT company and the University of Hohenheim. In contrast to the drying process with the Electric Mole, the SludgeManager™ can convey the sludge lengthwise or crosswise at will. This makes continuous operation of the plant possible, with loading and removal points anywhere.

Loading a plant with the SludgeManager™

The pre-dewatered sludge is brought into the shed at any arbitrary point. This is usually done straight from the dewatering unit by means of a sludge pump, worm conveyor or conveyor belt. Loading by wheel loader or lorry is, of course, also possible.

The flexibility of the SludgeManager™ allows the sludge to be deposited at any point within the shed. It is therefore possible to adapt the drying plant optimally to the existing conditions on site.

The distribution of the sludge with in the shed, both lengthwise and crosswise, is carried out fully automatically.

Drying with the SludgeManager™

Because of its composition, sewage sludge is corrosive, abrasive and sometimes sticky. It therefore places the highest demands on the plant technology. To uphold our claims to quality, longevity and maintenance-friendliness, we have made all the components of the SludgeManager™ that come into contact with the sludge entirely of stainless steel. In addition, our turning units have torques of up to 1000 Nm per metre of working width.

Even with shed dimensions of up to 20 m in width and 150 m in length, the SludgeManager™ can optimally adapt to every unevenness of the floor. This ensures thorough processing of the sludge layer. There is no unturned bottom layer.

Furthermore, the SludgeManager™ can be moved in all 3 dimensions, and can convey sludge from any arbitrary loading point to any arbitrary removal point.

Sludge removal in plants with the SludgeManager™

After drying, the sludge can be loaded into skips, fully automatically and without additional conveyor equipment.

If necessary, the  SludgeManager can pile up the dried sludge inside the shed and remove it later.

Optionally, loading of silo trucks is also available.

Advantages of drying with the SludgeManager™

1. Continuous material flow:
The SludgeManager™ permits continuous material flow – from dewatering to loading for transport or disposal. The SludgeManager™ is of particular interest as a sludge-treatment process in the case of continuous dewatering processes, and when the dried material is continuously utilised (burned or gassed).

2. Point-to-point conveying:
The possibility of  point-to-point conveying reduces the need for additional units for loading and removing to a minimum, and increased reliability of operation. Furthermore it is possible to load and remove the sludge from the same side of the shed.

3. Minimal working times:
The fully automated operation means that the working hours required are few.

4. Flexible storage and sludge buffer:
The plant concept allows even large quantities of several hundred tonnes of sludge to be stored temporarily in the plant. This makes the intake and output of the sludge very flexible.

5. Ease of maintenance:
The maintenance effort is low, because only few parts come into contact with the sludge. In addition, the turning unit, which is made entirely of stainless steel, can be removed from the shed at any time, and serviced in a more suitable place.

6. Minimal energy requirement:
With the climatic controls, all units are operated only when it is really worthwhile. The intelligent drying and ventilation concept ensures that the energy requirement is extremely low.

7. Utilisation of waste heat:
Thermo-System solar drying plants allow the integration of additional heat sources, such as waste heat from district heating power stations, production processes or furnaces. With the intelligent Thermo System climate control, the additional heat is optimally utilised, and the area required and the dependence on the  weather are considerably reduced.

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