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The next generation sensor and instrument datalogger for Ocean, Lake, Reservoir, Estuary and River Hydrometric stations. Monitoring water and weather conditions is essential in many operations and the SmartGuard datalogger is well suited for stand-alone stations powered by battery and solar power utilising wireless real-time data communication. Designed for ease of integration of new and existing sensor technologies into a single Aanderaa observatory with modern self-describing XML data output formats. Special outputs in NMEA and AIS formats are also available for integrations into Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) systems. The SmartGuard interfaces with all Aanderaa atmospheric and in water sensors, along with most 3rd party sensors offering serial, digital and analogue input ports.

  • Great flexibility: Basic-Extended-Full versions handle air and water sensors
  • Flexible easy configuration and setup using PC software
  • Fully integrated with Aanderaa real-time system
  • Full AiCaP Bus compatibility, including 150 m string with up to 25 sensors
  • Plug-n-play Aanderaa Smart sensor interfaces: O2, Conductivity, Temperature, Pressure, Water Level, Tide and Current
  • AADI SR10 and VR22 meteorological sensor interfaces: Wind speed and direction, Temperature, RH, Visibility, Air Pressure and more
  • Interfaces for most 3rd party RS-232/RS-422 sensors, analog sensors, digital sensors
  • XML data records with complete metadata; traceable and with status info on individual parameters
  • Large onboard data storage capacity on a removable SD memory card
  • External power supply 12- 30V internally regulatedUp to 6 double ended analog sensor input (0-5V, 24 bit)
  • Individual power control for attached sensors
  • Low power consumption
  • RS-232 communication port with controlled power supply for communication equipment
  • LAN and USB connectivity
  • Easy readable display and 6 key operator panel


SMARTGUARD capabilities:

  • Up to 25 AADI Smart sensors (AiCaP nodes) can be connected on an up to 150m string
  • Up to 10 AADI SR10/VR22 sensors (AADI Met and Full)
  • RS-232/RS-422 for 3rd party serial sensors. Individual power control. Basic and AADI Met: 1 (Extended and Full: 5)
  • Analog input, 0-5V, differential, 24 bits. Basic and AADI Met: 3 (Extended and Full: 6)
  • Digital input, 1 Opto-isolated, 500 Hz, 1 non isolated, 0/10V, 5 kHz. Basic and AADI Met.:1 (Extended and Full: 2)
  • Digital output: 2X 0/10V. Basic and AADI Met.:1 (Extended and Full: 2)
  • RS-232 communication channel for modem and direct cable. Direct cable also RS-422
  • USB for local PC operation
  • LAN for remote operation and networking (socket)

Recording system:

  • Multiple sensor groups with individual recording interval and activation
  • Recording interval from 2s to 3 hrs. depending on attached sensors
  • Data storage on SD card
  • Binary format

Real-time communication:

  • AADI real-time protocols, XML
  • Condensed and compressed for limited bandwidth
  • Retransmission for noisy channels

Available telemetry options:

  • LAN, Radio modem, GPRS, GOES, Iridium

Remote operation:

  • AADI real-time operator panel
  • Device layout (adaption to attached sensors etc.)
  • Configuration
  • Recording start/stop
  • Status monitoring


  • ≤ 2GB
  • Remote downloadable
  • Exchangeable


  • ≤12s pr. month over temperature range


  • 12 – 30V
  • Sleep current < 1mA @12V
  • Operating current


  • 320x217x70 mm
  • Rugged aluminium box
  • IP 65
  • Designed for high EMC compliance, Operating temperature: -40 to +60˚C

Optional AADI sensors sub sea:

  • Temperature sensors 4060, 4880
  • Conductivity sensor 4319A/B
  • Wave and Tide sensors 4648, 4647A/B/C
  • Pressure sensors 4117, 4646A/B/C
  • Turbidity Sensor 4112
  • Oxygen Optode 4835/4330
  • Doppler Current sensors 4420, 4520

Optional AADI sensors air:

  • Wind Speed and Gust 2740
  • Wind Direction 3590
  • Air Temperature 3455
  • Air Pressure 2810
  • Solar Radiation 2770
  • Radiation 2811
  • Mira Visibility 3544
  • Relative Humidity 3445
  • Rainfall 3864
  • Temperature 3444
  • Road Condition 3565
  • Road Temperature 3304

Enclosure and Mast hardware:

  • Sensor Cross Arm 3415/3435
  • Free Standing base cabinet and 4m mast – 10m Mast with Guy Wire and Hand Winch

Accessories included:

  • AADI Real-Time Collector, including operator panel and data viewer
  • AADI Data Studio software
  • SD card: 2 GB
  • Documentation on CD

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