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- Model R2 - Wet Well Mounted Pump Station



Smith & Loveless delivers even more effective work space per total area in the new R2 Wet Well Mounted Pump Station (R2 WWMPS). R2 = Rectangular x Recessed, and it's this combination that equates to streamlined station arrangements and significantly more room inside than circular designs. Being recessed yet still with grade level access, the station maintains a low profile, earth insulation for colder climates and the ability to service deeper wet wells. This next generation WWMPS design offers all of the great benefits you've come to expect from a duplex Smith & Loveless vacuum prime pump station plus several new features like highly efficient S&L Pumps with SONIC START® prime sensing, standardized piping layouts, and a complete array of control options (including PLC and relay logic).

  • Sizing: 4' - 6' pumps (100 - 150 mm)
  • Horsepower: 1.5 to 60 HP
  • Capacity: Up to 1,300 GPM (82 lps)
  • TDH: Up to 155' (48 m)

  • Designed for continuous human occupancy to avoid OSHA permit required confined space requirements
  • Pre-assembled and performance-certified in superior testing facility
  • Low Profile at grade level
  • Two independent covers for station each with hood lift assists
  • Large 36” integral wet well access
  • Baseplate thickness increased to ¾” for more rigidity and deflection resistance
  • Built-in shelves allow for O&M & tool storage
  • All internal clearances meet or exceed NEC requirements. Wiring conducted via wireway
  • Complete array of control options

Smith & Loveless offers three different control system options for the R2 Wet Well Mounted Pump Station:

  • PROTRONIX II (PLC-based)
  • PumpLogix P Series (Microprocessor-based)
  • Relay Logic

These control systems are programmed, tested prior to shipment and operational upon start-up. Individual running time meters and a high water alarm with silent switch are standard.


As the name implies, Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations position on top of the wet well and use suction-lift to prime and pump for wet well depths reaching 20 feet. Smith & Loveless calls this vacuum-priming.

The Smith & Loveless Vacuum Priming System is a simple, proven process that includes just three basic components: (1) a Sonic Start Streamline™ prime sensor, (2) a solenoid valve and (3) a vacuum pump. From a totally non-primed condition, the system primes the pump in about sixty (60) seconds under standard rated conditions. Once the Smith & Loveless Pump is primed, it is designed to stay primed indefinitely.

Employing frequency modulation, the Sonic Start Streamline™ prime sensing replaces the traditional S&L electrode. Because it is not prone to foul in applications with excessive grease or chemicals, Sonic Start Streamline™ eliminates all traditional routine maintenance tasks associated with vacuum-priming and delivers the world’s most hassle-free wastewater pumping.

Another exciting new feature is CONSTANT PRIME™. This optional control setting continually senses whether or not the pump is primed. If loss of prime occurs, the vacuum-prime sequence will activate to maintain prime. This ensures instant pump start-up when the pump is called to run.

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