Soil-Therm Equipment, Inc.

- Custom and Integrated Thermal Oxidizer Systems



SOIL-THERM custom thermal systems are the gold standard in the remediation industry. Our systems are compact and powerful. Expansive PLC based controls with a touchscreen operator panel gives you a system that is easy to operate, versatile, and modular to meet your changing needs.

SOIL-THERM has over 22 years experience custom designing and building the fi nest, most innovative environmental equipment on the market. SOIL-THERM continues to provide top quality, dependable equipment, and a commitment to our customers of future longevity and support for your remediation equipment needs.

The toughest jobs in the remediation business often requires the design of custom, integrated and packaged systems to work over a wide range of tasks. Oxidizers with air strippers, air sparging, oil water separators, gw pumps, chlorinated oxidizers with scrubbers, etc. SOILTHERM is an expert in Custom Integrated Systems. From our patented aerospace combustion technology to large enclosed and mobile oxidizer systems, SOILTHERM offers you peace of mind in providing exactly the equipment you need to clean the toughest sites. And our new ReMAC internet technology lets you monitor and control your cleanup operations anywhere in the world.

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