STAC s.r.l.

- Model CF Series - Single Impeller Centrifugal Pumps



This classical single-impeller pumps are suitable to be used in domestic, agricultural and industrial applications, as well as in heating and water supply systems.

Limits Of Use:

  • Clean water with max temperature 80°C (45°C pumps with plastic impellers)
  • Max. suction depth: 7 mt

Construction Materials:

  • Pump body and motor bracket: G20 cast iron.
  • Noryl impeller for CF/50, CF/80 and CF/100 (bronze one on request, bronze impeller for others
  • Aisi 416 shaft
  • Ceramic/graphite mechanical seal

Electric Motor:

  • 2 poles, close type with external cooling fan, insulation class F, grade of protection IP44.
  • Standard voltages: M = 230/240-50; T = 230/400-50.
  • Single phase motors is fitted with thermic microswitches to avoid damages to the motor. The protection of thereephase
  • motors have to be arranget by the user.
  • Different voltages and frequency available on request

Centrifugal single impeller pumps: medium deliveries and heights. Brass impellers (till 0.75 Kw available also in noryl). Max water temperature 90° C for pumps with brass impeller. 45°C for others.

Cast iron monoblock centrifugal surface electric pumps with varied performances for clean water and similar liquids. Casing and bracket are made in cast iron, motor is in aluminium case, noryl-brass-cast iron impellers, standard mechanical seal in NBR/carbon/ceramic and shaft in quality s/s. Max water temperature 45°C tor pumps with plastic parts in touch with water and about 100°C for others. Suction 4/5 mt (8/9 mt for self-priming pumps). Induction 2 poles motor, continuative service, self-cooling protection IP44 and class F insulation. Single-phase mod. have a permanent split condenser and a thermo-amperometric protection. Standard voltages 230V-50 Cy (single-phase), 230/400V-50 Cy (threephase till 4 Kw) and 400/690V-50 Cy (three-phase over 5.5 Kw). Special voltages and executions on request.

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