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The StorageDryer™ combines the fully automatic drying and the storage of sludge in one plant. The fully automatic, year-round loading and the necessity to unload the plant only once a year offer maximum operating reliability for minimum work effort.  The StorageDryer™ - a clever solution for plants between 1 000 and 30 000 PE.  for smaller communities, the solar StorageDryer™ is the easiest, lowest priced and environment-friendliest solution to reduce long-term disposal costs and transportation effort to a minimum.

Due to the high final DS content of up to 90 %, the whole range of sludge disposal alternatives are available for the customer:

  • Co-incineration in cement plants/mills or coal-fired power plants
  • Mono-incineration or gasification with subsequent recycling of phosphates
  • Regional or supraregional agricultural use.

Compared to a mobile dewatering of the sludge, large-volume sludge storage, filtrate water buffers and a high-performance power connection can be saved using the StorageDryer™ concept. But first of all, the customer saves the expensive disposal of sludge that still contains 75 % of water even after dewatering.

Compared to sewage sludge humification, the required area is much lower in the StorageDryer™ concept. As end product, a completely dried and thus variously usable fuel emerges that does not contain any rhizomes or other foreign matters. Due to the low remaining moisture content of the sludge of less than 10 %, the disposal costs, that are hardly predictable in a long term, will permanently remain on a minimum level in any case. Above all, free solar energy is used as primary energy source. Hence, sustainability and environmental friendliness are exemplary. Furthermore, the operational costs are also quite low due to the highly automated process and online remote supervision function.

Loading the StorageDryer

The sludge is loaded into the StorageDryer™ fully automatically. Any liquid sludge is continually drawn off, and thickened by means of the ThermoDrain™, which has been developed specifically for this purpose. The thickened sludge is loaded into the drying chamber all rear round through sludge gushers. Any sludge dewatering plant that may already exist can also be integrated into the system.

Because of this continuous dewatering, the filtered water is added to the sewage plant regularly and in small quantities, thus avoiding overloading with surges of filtered water.

Drying and storage with the StorageDryer™

The sewage sludge that is loaded into the drying chamber all year round is distributed evenly over the drying surface by the Electric Mole™, and is thus mixed with the already dried sludge and aerated. The fully automatic Thermo-System “Climate Control” and the high-performance ventilation system ensure optimal drying conditions, and at the same time effect a post-stabilisation of the sludge.

The StorageDryer™ makes it possible to both dry the sewage sludge and store it for a whole year, so that no further intermediate storage or sludge-stacking containers are needed.

And the energy to evaporate the water comes exclusively from the sun, keeping the operating costs minimal over time.

Sludge Discharge from the StorageDryer

The fully automated drying process will be interrupted only once a year for unloading the dried sludge from the drying chamber(s). Only approx. 30-40 t of dried sludge are remaining from originally 1 000 m³ of wet sludge and have to be transported to the disposal location (approx. 3-4 truckloads).

The whole range of disposal alternatives such as agricultural use or thermal utilization/recycling are possible due to the high degree of drying of up to 90 % DS. Because of its respectable calorific value that is comparable with raw lignite, nothing stands between mono-incineration or gasification of the dried sludge with subsequent recovery of phosphates from the ashes.

This ensures independence and thereby disposal cost reliability due to the possibility to choose any disposal option.

Benefits of the StorageDryer™

1. Fully automatic plant operation
The fully automated operation of the plant, with optional remote monitoring, guarantees that the costs of work and supervision are very low.

2. Combination of drying and storage
The capability to dry the sewage sludge and store it at the same time makes the process largely weather-independent, and no additional storage for wet sludge is needed.

3. Unloading only once a year
The dry sludge is unloaded from the drying chamber only once a year, so the plant does not need a wheel-loader of its own.

4. Continuous sludge drainage
The wet sludge is continuously drained off and thickened immediately, so the filtered water is returned to the sewage plant in consistent quantities. No surges of filtered water occur, and no buffering tank is necessary.

5. Disposal reliability
Thanks to the selectable degree of drying between 60 and 90 %DS, all disposal paths, including agricultural spreading, co-combustion in power stations or cement works, mono-combustion or gasification remain open.

6. Post-stabilisation during drying
The presence of micro-organisms from the activation basin and the intensive re-mixing with the dried material effect aerobic post-stabilisation of the sludge, thus preventing the formation of odorous substances.

7. Environment-friendly and cost-effective
Through its utilisation of solar energy, the StorageDryerTM is both a cost-effective and an environment-friendly solution that ensures minimal operating costs long-term.

8. Individual tailoring of the scope of delivery
We offer you our services tailor-made to your needs, including turn-key construction, or operating or financing models.

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