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Stormsaver Attenuation Tank with Pumping Chamber



Attenuation is a crucial part of any new build in order to provide an effective SUDS strategy. Our attenuation tank is used to collect all roof and surface water on site, within one vessel. It will be sized to the requirements set out by the consultant in order to attenuate all the rainwater on site and discharge this to the storm drain, or natural water course, at a rate which will not cause downstream flooding. Once stored inside the attenuation tank, water is released via the pumping chamber. Pumps can be sized to suit your requirements. Stormsaver offer a range of solutions, but our attenuation tank, combined with pumping chamber is the most standard solution for most sites. However we would always encourage our clients to consider an option that includes rainwater harvesting too; after all, if you are installing a tank to collect the rainwater, you may as well re-use it too!

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