Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

- SLB®-5ms Capillary GC Columns

Application: The 5% phenyl equivalent phase provides a boiling point elution order with a slight increase in selectivity, especially for aromatic compounds. The low bleed characteristics, inertness, and durable nature make it the column of choice for environmental analytes (such as semivolatiles, pesticides, PCBs, and herbicides) or anywhere a low bleed non-polar column is required. USP Code: This column meets USP G27 and G36 requirements. Phase: Bonded and highly crosslinked; silphenylene polymer virtually equivalent in polarity to poly(5% diphenyl/95% dimethyl siloxane) Temp. Limits: =0.32 mm I.D.: -60 °C to 340 °C (isothermal) or 360 °C (programmed) Temp. Limits: =0.53 mm I.D.: -60 °C to 330 °C (isothermal) or 340 °C (programmed)

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