Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

- Supelclean ENVI-Carb-II/SAX/PSA SPE

Tri-layer SPE tube that contains Supelclean ENVI-Carb (upper layer), SAX (middle layer) & PSA (lower layer) SPE sorbents (separated by PE frit)

Retention Mechanism: Reversed-phase and anion-exchange
Sample Matrix Compatibility: Organic or aqueous solutions

  • Developed to offer superior clean up when conducting multi-residue pesticide analysis from food (e.g. agricultural products, meats, etc.).
  • ENVI-carb has a strong affinity towards planar molecules, and can isolate/remove pigments (e.g., chlorophyll and carotinoids) and sterols commonly present in foods and natural products
  • Supelclean PSA has a strong affinity and high capacity for fatty acids, organic acids, and some polar pigments and sugars
  • Supelclean SAX offers additional ion-exchange exchange capacity for removing matrix components that may induce ion-suppression or enhancement during GC analysis.

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