- Bird Control Device



When you need acres of bird control for an orchard or farm – then you need the Super BirdBuffer.

  • Mounts on trailer for ease of field use
  • Auto-start/stop gas operated engine for field use on timer
  • Doesn’t leave any fluid residue
  • Can use during harvest without residue
  • Utilizes three gallons of fluid per month
  • 18 gal. gas tank /3 gal. MA tank
  • Triple head output highest ever
  • 9 hp. Engine
  • Immediate coverage of 2 acres to ½ mile with wind movement
  • Low/light grape smell easy for workers
  • Easy change filters for air intake (once/mo)

Things to consider:

  • Best when mounted higher than top of trees
  • Recharging generator not included (needs battery charger)
  • Needs to be anchored down for security
  • Locking cap for the gas tank not included
  • Lightweight trailer tongue not for highway
  • To transport, disassemble head and intake manifold

  • P/N 800095 Gas operated unit
  • P/N 800085 230 vac electric model unit (3.5 hp)
  • 5000 cu ft of air / min mixed with MA vapor
  • 18 gal. gas tank / 3 gal. MA tank
  • Triple head output highest ever
  • 9 hp. Engine
  • 84” h x 54” W x 100” L
  • Weight: 625 Lbs.
  • Trailer Clearance: 9”
  • Detachable parts: Filter, upper head and fluid tank

Double batteries allow the unit to start and stop for 3 days without recharging. It runs for 30-40 minutes per hour, vaporizing 3 minutes each 4 minutes. Shuts off at night. Timed to auto-start in the morning usually 4:30am

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