- Model SSS-12P-1/SSS-22P & SSS-22-PAL - Portable Liquid Scintillation Counting System



The SSS-12P Manual Liquid Scintillation Counting System accurately quantitatively measures Carbon-14, Tritium and most other radioactive materials. But for measuring low levels of Tritium and C-14, Model # SSS-22P is recommended. Optionally, gamma ray counting is achieved by inserting and optically coupling an Nal(Tl) scintillation well crystal on the PM tube.

  • Measuring Principal: The most sensitive method of detecting and quantitating Beta emitting isotopes is to intimately mix the sample with liquid scintillation fluor and count each individual scintillation event with a photomultplier counter.
  • Alpha / Beta Separation.
  • Count Verification for Tritium.
  • An Energy Analyzer further selects the pulses and delivers the true signal.
  • A Detection cell is optically coupled to selected photomultiplier tubes.
  • SSS-12P-1 has a 1 Vial Capacity – 1 PM Tube.
  • SSS-22P has a 3 Vial Capacity providing faster thru-put and easy comparison of sample to calibration standard or to background – 2 PM Tubes
  • SSS-22PAL has a 3 Vial Capacity as does the SSS-22P providing faster thru-put and easy comparison of sample to calibration standard or to background. It is an ALL-IN-ONE SSS-22P contained within a suitcase with electronics, detectors, and sample holders for your convenience.
  • A User Manual is provided.

  • Measures all alpha - beta emitters and low energy gamma emitters – including
  • Tritium, carbon-14, & sulphur-35
  • Alpha / beta separation
  • Dual pm tube design for coincidence verification
  • Sss-12p-1 – single sample holder
  • Sss-22p – three sample holder
  • Settable window can be set for any isotope
  • Sample type: water, food, soil, fabric, etc.
  • All in one unit– sss-22-pal
  • R-232 pc interface
  • Optional - hard copy printer

  • A Liquid Scintillation Counting System is useful for measurement of radionuclides in many materials including food, soil, water, blood, etc.
  • The SSS-12P-1 & SSS-22P Manual Liquid Scintillation Counting Systems accurately quantitatively measures Carbon-14 and most other radioactive materials.
  • The SSS-22P also measures Tritium & Exceptional for measuring low levels of Tritium, C-14, & S-35.

Rejection Features:

  • Energy analyzer window rejects pulses with energies outside the window setting
  • Optional Lead Shielding around detector.

Counting Assembly Features:

  • Excellent repeatability
  • Fully light tight system
  • Fail safe interlock to protect PM tubes
  • High transmission optical coupling to PM tube

PM Tube & PRE-AMP Noise Elimination Features:

  • Coincidence Verification with High quality Dual PM tubes and preamps.
  • Fully adjustable energy analyzer window rejects low energy pulses.
  • SSS-12P-1: 1 Vial Capacity – 1 PM Tube.
  • SSS-22P: 3 Vial capacity for faster thru-put and easy comparison of sample to calibration standard or to the background – 2 PM Tubes
  • SSS-22P: 3 Vial capacity provides less wait time for dark adaption of phosphor.

Data Analysis & Presentation:

  • Scintillation counts detected by PM tubes are processed by a fully adjustable single channel analyzer which is
  • centered on the energy peak of the isotope being measured. This deletes both higher energy pulses from background
  • radiation and lower energy counts from the PM tube or circuit noise. The pulses feed to a digital scaler and optional
  • digital printer.
  • This process allows long count times for measurement of very minute samples.
  • USB interface to computers or data stations.

  • H-3 Gross Efficiency: >20% Gross, Coincidence efficiency >10% Verified.
  • Count Times: 1 sec. thru 99 sec. (1 sec. increments), and 1 min. thru 99 min. (in 1 min. increments).
  • Voltage: 0-1500 Volts - fully user settable.
  • Readout: Digital - 6 digit LCD, (LED optional).
  • Outputs: Standard: Serial pulse output and R-232.
  • Power: Rechargeable Lithium batteries and AC adapter
  • Sample Size: Accepts standard Liquid Scintillation vials 20-25 ml.
  • SSS-22 PAL Case: Weather-tight NEMA rated tough, durable, lightweight.
  • A “tongue-in-groove” continuous O”-ring system makes the case water, moisture, and dust tight. Plus a low profile pressure release valve.
  • Optional:SSS-22P: Accepts 6-7 ml vials with Optional adapter.
  • Scintillation Fluors: Accepts most scintillation fluors. Perkin-Elmer Ultima Gold-LLT is recommended for H-3 counting

  • Set of 3 calibrated liquid standards, H-3, C-14 and S-35. User must mix TA solutions with liquid scintillant.
  • Optional Interfaces and Outputs: Clear instructions with all interfaces.
  • Data logging software, Model # ORO-22P
  • Data acquisition interface and cable with driver, Model # DAQ-3
  • Increase from 3 to 6 sample capacity

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