Texas Boom Company

- Shore Barrier Containment Boom


Shore Barrier Containment Boom is the ideal containment boom system for use in shallows, mud flats, tidal waters, marshes, and estuaries; which are under constant threat of spills. Our Shore Barrier Containment Boom utilizes a unique design which is comprised of an air filled flotation chamber and two water filled ballast chambers for effective containment of pollutants on shorelines. This design addresses tidal fluctuations in the area where the containment boom is deployed.

  • Fabricated from high tensile, abrasion resistant Urethane Fabric
  • One air filled chamber on top acts as freeboard - Two water filled chambers on bottom act as draft/ballast
  • Creates oil seal between the land and water
  • When not in use it rolls and fits into a cylindrical bag with a strap for easy handling.

  • Boom used in shallow tidal waters, sandy shorelines and costal marshlands
  • At high tide, this boom acts like a standard containment boom
  • At low tide, this boom uses the weight of the twin water filled chambers to form an effective dike or berm

This product was historically sold by Texas Boom Company as Texaboom, and many in the spill industry still refer to this type boom by that name.