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- Ptfe Packing with Oil



Pure PTFE packing with oil is  PTFE yarn with a special silicone oil lubricant, the number of low friction for dynamic seal pumps. Therefore, the packing is generally not recommended to use high-speed pumps.

Usage Equipment for Pure PTFE packing with oil:

  • Pumps, valves, flanges.

Industry for pure PTFE packing with oil:

  • Food industry, medicine, papermaking, chemical fiber, fine chemicals, such as the operation does not allow pollution occasions.


  • For molten alkali metals and at the free fluoride ion than all media.

  • Temperature Range -150 up to +260 oC
  • Process
  • Rotating 15 bar
  • Reciprocating 100 bar
  • Static 200 bar
  • Shaft Speed 10m/s
  • PH 0~14
  • Density 1.6g/cm3

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