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Three-way Mixing Valves



Three-way brass (DN25 + DN32) and cast iron (DN40 + DN50) mixing valves have been developed principally for central heating systems. The valve can be used either as a mixing or distribution valve. The valve installation is not dependent on the orientation. These mixing valves have high operating reliability and excellent regulating accuracy. They regulate both the supply and return water. The valves are delivered from the factory right-handed, but they can be easily converted into left-handed valves.

  • Controlling the temperature of the water flowing through your central heating circuit by mixing cooler water returning from the central heating circuit.
  • This can be manually changed although it is possible to have motorized valves set on times
  • Maximising the thermal store efficiently
  • Aiding heat stratification of the accumulator tank. This is achieved by controlling the temperature of the water returning to the bottom of the accumulator tank.

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