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  • Heating Systems - Accumulator Tanks

  • Akvaterm - Standard Accumulator Tank

    Akvaterm - Standard Accumulator Tank

    Standard steel tanks with capacities 300-5000 litres pressure rated at 1.5 bar. 100mm seamless polyurethane insulation faced with steel sheet. Detachable side panels are an optional extra to allow installation through narrow entrances. An uninsulated accumulator tank can also be supplied, coated with corrosion protective paint. Optional 35 ltr/min standard hot water coil can be fitted to upper hatch. Lower hatch can be fitted with either a domestic...

  • Akvaterm - Oval Accumulator Tank

    Akvaterm - Oval Accumulator Tank

    Oval tanks with a width of only 810mm and 50mm of insulation. Ideal for existing boiler rooms with narrow entrances. 1400 to 2400 litre capacities. Fitted with the most efficient domestic hot water coil on the market (45 l/min), also available without the domestic hot water coil.  

  • Heating Systems - Mixing Valve

  • Three-way Mixing Valves

    Three-way Mixing Valves

    Three-way brass (DN25 + DN32) and cast iron (DN40 + DN50) mixing valves have been developed principally for central heating systems. The valve can be used either as a mixing or distribution valve. The valve installation is not dependent on the orientation. These mixing valves have high operating reliability and excellent regulating accuracy. They regulate both the supply and return water. The valves are delivered from the factory right-handed, but...