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Wastewater characteristics change continuously, depending on rainfall, industrial processes, and even the time of day. Over-aerating is a common, expensive problem that results in excessive energy costs and unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment.

The SmartAerator is a system of controls, sensors, and variable frequency drives that:

  • Constantly samples wastewater oxygen levels and other process parameters
  • Regulates aeration intensity based on wastewater characteristics
  • Eliminates over-aerating
  • Conserves power
  • Provides immediate energy savings

Intelligent Energy Savings

Auto-optimization through artificial intelligence (AI) learning provides maximum energy savings through a precisely tuned adaptive control scheme found only with the SmartAerator. This AI uses historical process information from the plant being monitored, rather than a generic algorithm. Fluence’s extensive knowledge of the hydrodynamic Tornado aerator and system performance lets us optimize the ideal operating range of aeration performance for your specific application, which sets the SmartAerator apart from a conventional control product.

The SmartAerator provides annual energy savings of up to 50% for wastewater treatment facilities. Projects that will realize significant energy savings are those that require high-horsepower aerators, as well as those with multiple aerators.

Monitor Process PerformanceEquipment status anytime, from virtually anywhere.

The SmartAerator comes with a dashboard for tracking and reporting aerator performance. Plant operators can monitor the aeration process remotely. Wastewater analytics can be transmitted easily to SCADA systems and mobile devices.

Application Examples

Here’s a quick look at how much the SmartAerator can save in energy expenses according to the application. As you can see, the technology is particularly effective with high-horsepower aerators.

Low Flow-Low Horsepower
Municipal Oxidation Ditch

  • Capacity: 300,000 GPD
  • Flow at 25% capacity
  • O2 limited
  • Total mixing and aeration: 30 horsepower
  • One-time installation cost: US$40,000
  • Annual energy savings: US$3,000
  • ROI: 13 years

High Flow-High Horsepower
Industrial Lagoon

  • Capacity: 1 million GPD
  • Flow at 60% capacity
  • Mixing limited
  • Total mixing and aeration: 306 horsepower
  • One-time installation cost: US$200,000
  • Annual energy savings: US$99,000
  • ROI: 2 years

Seasonal Flow-Medium Horsepower
Municipal Lagoon

  • Capacity: 800,000 GPD
  • Seasonal flow at 65% capacity
  • Mixing limited
  • Total mixing and aeration: 170 horsepower
  • One-time installation cost: US$180,000
  • Annual energy savings: US$25,000
  • ROI: 7 years

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