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Tri-Mer expanded its well-established metal finishing business, joining with Gary Kriesch & Associates LLC to offer a comprehensive anodizing equipment solution. The team’s focus is the development of high-performance anodizing equipment and auxiliary systems for OEMs and contract finishers serving the military/ aerospace, medical, and automotive industries.

Gary Kriesch & Associates has a broad perspective on anodizing technology, as well as related specialties such as wastewater treatment. He has specialized expertise in anodize processes that are environmentally favored – or able to meet specific goals for conservation or cost.

The company's principal, Gary M. Kriesch, has more than 35 years experience in the design and development of anodizing equipment for finishers throughout the Americas and Eurasia.

Tri-Mer Corp. has more than 4 decades experience in the design and manufacture of air pollution control systems and specialty fabrications for metal finishers. Tri-Mer fabricates complete plating equipment, tanks, ventilation, duct systems, workstations and air pollution control for metal finishing lines of all types.

The company can pre-assemble and test even the most complex systems at its 300,000 sq. ft. manufacturing campus, and has an approach that is truly turnkey, from feasibility studies to design, line architecture, chemistry, fabrication, controls integration, installation and start-up. We can also assist with comprehensive and cost-effective waste treatment and ventilation.


Anodizing is an electrochemical passivation process that beneficially alters the microscopic texture of metal, and becomes integral to it.  Anodizing increases the oxide layer, imparting a highly durable, corrosion-and-wear resistant, anodic oxide finish with excellent adhesion properties. Anodizing is primarily used on aluminum, although other nonferrous materials, including magnesium, niobium, zirconium and titanium, also can be anodized.

There are 10 types of anodizing. The most prevalent are Type I “CAA” chromic acid; Type II “SAA” sulfuric acid; Type III “HCA”, hardcoat or modified hardcoat; “PAA” phosphoric acid, “BSAA” boric and sulfuric acid, and “TFSAA” thin film sulfuric acid anodizing.

Tri-Mer has the expertise, resources and capacity to design, manufacture and commission anodizing systems of all types, as well as electroplating and other metal finishing systems.

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