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The high-pressure venturi scrubber is a well-known method for removing aerosols and fine dusts from industrial gas streams, particularly those with high humidity levels. Tri-Mer’s fixed throat venturi scrubber produces optimum acceleration of the gas, and shearing of the droplets. The resultant, larger “particle” is then removed from the gas stream and impinged on a separator downstream.

Venturi scrubbers, (including ejector venturis and eductor venturis), efficiently remove fine particles from volatile, hazardous or corrosive gas streams, or gas streams containing solid materials that are difficult to handle, particularly if gas streams are under 300°F.

Features of a Venturi Scrubber:

  1. Venturi scrubbers collect coarse or fine particulate, including particulate under 1 micron and particulate that is sticky or high in moisture.
  2. When there is a high percentage of fine particulate under 1 micron, the pressure drop and energy requirements becomes very large for efficient collection using a venturi. In practical terms, a venturi cannot collect particles smaller than 0.5 micron.
  3. Venturi scrubbers with a quench section (evaporative cooler) accommodate high temperature gas streams, including those from casting, sintering, glass manufacturing, incineration and pyrolysis.
  4. Venturi systems are suitable for high dust loadings.
  5. Venturi scrubbers accommodate variable gas flows.
  6. Venturi systems are continuously wetted, and are not vulnerable to clogging, plugging, scaling, or wet/dry line build-up.
  7. Collection efficiency for venturi scrubbers is 95-98.5%, (depending on the number of stages.)
  8. Slurries that contain high concentrations of solid material, or valuable material, can be recycled.
  9. A mist eliminator module provides entrainment separation.
  10. Venturi systems are custom manufactured in capacities to 300,000 cfm.
  11. Venturi scrubbers accommodate vertical or horizontal scroll outlet.

Separators can be cyclonic, mist-eliminating, or impingement tray. A fourth option, packed bed separation, is specified where additional absorption is needed.

A Tri-Mer venturi scrubber accommodates changes in process or flow volume through fixed throats that are interchangeable. The throats are the means for precisely controlling pressure drop. The Tri-Mer venturi scrubber will scrub corrosive dusts, flammable dusts, and high dust loadings at efficiencies of 95-98%.

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