Bumer Makina

Bumer Makina

Vacuum and Combined Sewage Cleaning Trucks


Vacuum trucks are designed to load liquids, sludge or slurry through suction hoses to tank. Its built on a lower chassis, a cylindrical tank on top, a rear hatch and vacuum system which provides its power from Power Take-Off (PTO). Tank is welded both externally and internally, and has water-breaks through entire body. Tank’s standard producing material is ST 37,2 norm, but we produce it with ST 52 or Hardox stainless steel according to our customers request.

Rear hatch is connected to the body with adjustable hinges, a hydraulic cylinder and a hydraulic hand pump making it easily opened. This system also seals the hatch, making it %100 leakproof.

Vacuum pump is placed near the tank on the chassis for easy reach. Its powered by PTO, which has command panel in driver’s cabin.

Vacuum-meter is placed on the control panel, and it has also an emergency valve. T here are 2 buoys in the tank to prevent suctioning more than the tank’s capacity which may cause problems for the vacuum system,

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