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Valvan Baling Systems introduces the FIBERSORT. A new technology that enables the recycling industry to identify and separate textiles based on fiber type.

Before today, valuable pure fabric was necessarily down cycled during the textile recycling process. Now, the FIBERSORT allows you to automatically sort this pure fabric, based on fiber type into different categories. The scanning technology we use is NIR Spectroscopy. This is a spectroscopic technique based on molecular absorptions measured in the Near Infrared part of the spectrum. This technique is sensitive to organic constituents and since all textile is organic, there is no limit to the types of fiber that can be recognized. Since this process requires a feed of one piece at a time, the supply of the textiles to the system must also be piece by piece. This can be done manually by an operator that takes the items from a pile and puts them piece by piece on a conveyor belt.

We can also add a color scanner on the same system, if you would like to separate specific colors or light colors from dark colors.

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