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- Model HT Series - Electric Conductivity (Resistivity) Module



The HT Series Resistivity Module combines the standard CPT measurements: tip, local friction, inclination and pore water pressure with electrical measurements of the soil. The combination of these parameters provides comprehensive information useful in determining the stratigraphy of the soil and the location of potential ground water problems in one test. Groundwater problems could include corrosive soils, salt water intrusion or environmental contamination. Any soil contaminate that has a typical electrical conductivity higher than that of water can be detected.

The Electrical Module utilizes a four electrode array which eliminates errors due to gas generation and plating. The device has custom electronics ensuring accuracy over the entire 0-10,000m ground water range. The module also eliminates the effects of the electrical path through the steel body of the device.

Our software provides tabular listings and digital plots of conductivity in rnS/m (or resistivity in ohm-m).

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