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- Model SHW - Submersible Slurry Pump



The design process of the Warman SHW made extensive use of finite element stress analysis and state of the art solids modeling to ensure rugged, dependable solids handling capability at the lowest possible cost. A heavy duty all chrome wet end coupled with a motor designed and built by Weir Minerals for the most demanding applications makes the Warman SHW the most dependable, long lasting submersible pump you can buy.

  • Temperature sensor – Over-temperature sensors protect the motor by sounding an alarm or shutting down the unit if internal temperatures exceed safe operating limits.
  • Moisture detector – A twin electrode system provides double protection by detecting moisture intrusion in either the motor housing or the mechanical seal chamber.
  • Mechanical seals – The SHW incorporates Warman’s proven balanced double-seal
  • arrangement in which both sets of seal springs are enclosed in the oil reservoir. Silicon Carbide Seal faces are subject to submergence pressure only for greatly extended wear life.
  • Heavy-duty water end – Standard high chrome iron construction coupled with heavy section
  • thickness provides the ultimate in protection against abrasive wear in heavy slurries.
  • Easy maintenance access – T-bolt construction allows rapid disassembly of the pump end for
  • maintenance access. The heavy-duty impeller is not screwed on, but keyed to the shaft for easy removal and protection against movement
  • during reverse rotation.
  • Optional agitator – A robust agitator can be fitted to the suction eye allowing the pump to agitate high concentrations of solids.

  • Cooling jacket allows continuous pump operation with the motor completely unsubmerged
  • Suction saver prevents clogging in sumps where tramp material or very large solids are present
  • Quick disconnect guides the SHW into the sump with automatic connection to discharge piping.
  • Discharge elbow in high chrome iron with heavy wall thickness allows for lower cost installation by having the correctly designed and sized discharge elbow for your application
  • Sparger ring designed for your application that allows for improved sump removal of larger solids by spraying high pressure liquid back into the sump
  • Slide bracket allows for easier installation on-site and provides correct positioning of the pump in your sump

Two different agitator options are offered depending upon solids type.

  • Agitator design option A allows a more complete removal of fine solids.
  • Agitator design option B aggressively agitates larger solids from the sump floor.

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