Waste Water Management, Inc. (WWMI)

Waste Water Management, Inc. (WWMI)

Wastewater Treatment Plants


Beginning with the passage of Public Law 92-500 – “Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972”, commonly known as the “Clean Water Act”, every municipality was faced with either upgrading or constructing a new wastewater treatment plant to meet “secondary” treatment standards as part of the national effort to enhance the quality of the Waters of the United States. Following fifteen years of intense engineering and construction virtually every community was operating a then state of the art wastewater treatment plant. By the mid 1980s it was recognized it would be twenty five years before the new plants would require engineering for the upgrades and expansions to address growth induced capacity demands, repair worn out components or install new technology based equipment or processes to meet more stringent water quality standards.

WWM and its staff have experience with the evaluation and design of more than 200 wastewater treatment plants. Beginning in 1972 with the passage of the Clean Water Act, WWM’s principal, David Rigby designed the first wastewater treatment plant funded and constructed through the EPA “Construction Grants Program”. Since that time the evaluation, design, construction and operation of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants has been focus of Mr. Rigby’s career and WWM’s services.

Typical WWM wastewater treatment plant projects include evaluations or existing operations and staffing, assessment of older treatment facilities needing to repair or replace worn out equipment, design for the retrofit of older facilities with enhanced or improved equipment, evaluation and design of expanded facilities including biosolids management and dewatering, process enhancements to meet stringent water quality requirements, planning and design of new stand alone treatment facilities and the design of small package plants for schools, churches and small communities for installation ahead of on-site effluent disposal.

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