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Water Intake

NAGAOKA WELL SCREEN (V-Shaped Slot Screen) has been used as strainer for Deep Well application. Because of wide opening, efficient water intake and less clogging structure has captured the market of slit pipes, perforated pipes and wire mesh pipes. Our technology backed by rich experience in manufacturing screen internals for oil & gas (refineries, chemicals and petrochemicals) has been extended to Water Application. Especially with high strength and wide opening Ring Base Screen has been applied to artesian aquifer and deep well application, and then combining our water intake technology for groundwater and unconfined aquifer, we have developed Ring Base Collector Screens (Shallow Well Side Wall Intake), Ring Base Radial Screen (Shallow Well) and Ring Base Screens for Infiltration Galleries. Such wide range of applications is offering bigger chances of water intake by effective and environmentally friendly and sustainable method.

Technology for old well rehabilitation

Nagaoka Ring Base Screen with its applied technology has been used for rehabilitation of old wells. For example, by replacing perforated concrete pipes, Ring Base Collector will revive the once abandoned shallow wells, and if radial screens are installed around Collectors, it will further increase the intake volume.

New Challenges and solution for future

Water is one of most important social infrastructure in 21st century, and to secure sufficient volume of water, Nagaoka offers special technology for “Underground Dam”suitable for isolated island, Seawater Intake through seabed infiltration, River Refurbishment for river water cleaning and so on.

Proved Technology for Water Intake

  • NAGAOKA is Leader in Waterworks design
  • High ability for development of new and efficient products
  • Our Technology is the basis for Waterworks Design in Japan
  • Outstanding number of supply experience in Japan and abroad

 Wide Range of Applications

  • Applied to water drainage to big civil projects
  • Applied to various countermeasure for groundwater project
  • Applied to rehabilitation of existing water source
  • Applied to surface water intake
  • Used as ornamentation (Architecture)

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