Waste Water Management, Inc. (WWMI)

Waste Water Management, Inc. (WWMI)

Water Treatment Plants


WWM’s experience in water treatment plant engineering and design is as long as its experience in wastewater treatment plant design. That being said however, the number of constructed and operating wastewater treatment plants far exceeds the number of water treatment plants throughout the United States. The main reason for this disparity it the fact the extension of public water utility service areas is relatively straightforward as compared to the extension of public sewer service areas. As a result many more water systems expand through the installation of supplemental storage tanks, booster stations and distribution lines. Also, water service in rural areas may be dominated by individual wells and in large urban areas such as Northern Virginia and the Maryland National Capital region public water utilities may be developed to serve multiple jurisdictions while each maintains a separate sewer system.

WWM and its engineers were the first to design an “Electromedia” filtration system for treatment of groundwater for the removal of iron and manganese in Virginia in 1981. Similarly, WWM and its engineers were the first to utilize ultraviolet disinfection on a public water supply system in Virginia in 1988. WWM and its engineers are equally familiar with conventional surface water treatment plant design utilizing both package plant and large municipal cast in place technologies and pressure water treatment plant design. In 1981 WWM and its engineers designed the Silver Creek Ski Resort water treatment plant in Slatyfork, WV where the clarity and temperatures of the surface water required supplemental lime feed in order to develop the necessary nuclei for proper flocculation and sedimentation.

WWM and its engineers are extremely experienced in the design of pressure systems for all manners of water treatment applications. WWM has designed pressure systems for the treatment of surface water from both lake and river sources. WWM has further designed pressure systems for the removal of iron and manganese, gross alpha and gross beta radionuclides, nitrates, trace organics, sediments and bacteria. In absence of any published design criteria, WWM’s principal, David Rigby developed criteria for the design of hydropneumatic tank systems for use on public municipal and private water systems.

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