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Designed similar to standard clarifiers, but with a larger feedwell or flocculation well, WesTech Flocculating Clarifiers are highly efficient as final clarifiers, polishing clarifiers, tertiary clarifiers, and in water treatment applications. Mechanical flocculators operate within the flocculation well to enhance settling. These are driven by a dual drive unit on the bridge.

You may know that WesTech is recognized as the industry leader in spiral blade clarification, but did you know that WesTech offers other leading municipal sedimentation solutions too? Our extensive line of clarification equipment for water and wastewater treatment combines superior design with quality mechanical and operational features.

  • Wastewater Clarification
    • COP™ Clarifier
    • Suction Header
    • Suction Pipe
    • Conventional Rake Blades
  • Water Clarification
    • SuperSettler™
  • Backwash Water Treatment
    • SuperSettler™
    • Decant Clarifiers
  • Flocculation
    • Flocculating Clarifiers
  • Thickening
    • Wastewater Thickeners
    • Water Thickeners
  • Premium Drive Units

WesTech offers multiple options for sedimentation systems to complete your plant design or improve the performance of your existing operation. Our process experts work closely with you to gather the necessary information about your entire process to customize a system that will meet your requirements. Effective skimming designs, positive scum removal systems, and other accessories are also available to ensure the best possible performance. From design concept to start-up, WesTech delivers quality equipment to meet your sedimentation needs.

The solids CONTACT CLARIFIER™ combines multiple processes into a single basin. For surface waters, enhanced flocculation is combined with clarification. For cold lime softening, precipitation and settling are combined. The advantages include a smaller footprint and improved settled water quality. For either application, the solids CONTACT CLARIFIER™ is both highly efficient and effective for water clarification.

The heart of a true solids CONTACT CLARIFIER™ is WesTech’s high efficiency, high volume, low head, low shear pump which lifts concentrated settled solids to mix with the inlet flow and disperses the mixture into the upper solids contact zone. WesTech’s recirculation impeller has the lowest horsepower draw and less shear than any other impeller on the market.

  • High Efficiency
  • High Volume
  • Low Speed
  • Low Shear

WesTech has experience in retrofitting and upgrading all other manufacturers’ equipment. Upgrades can range from only a single drive unit to a complete replacement of your existing equipment.

WesTech is a leader in providing proven clarification solutions for wastewater treatment. WesTech’s COP™ Clarifier Optimization Package transformed the industry standards in clarifier design for clean effluent, maximum overflow rates, and optimal underflow concentration. Learn how the COP™ Clarifier can optimize your primary and secondary clarification needs in our COP™ Clarifier Optimization Package brochure.

  • Highest Quality Clarifier Available
  • Easy Installation
  • Rapid Removal of Settled Solids
  • Lowest Possible Maintenance

WesTech offers conventional, adjustable, Dual-Gate™, and other Energy Dissipating Inlet well (EDI) options to promote well-flocculated solids in your clarifier. For example, the Dual-Gate™ adjustable EDI gives you the flexibility to configure your EDI for counter flow, tangential flow, or variable flow conditions to your clarifier.

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