WesTech Engineering, Inc.

- Multi-Tech™ Pressurized Package Treatment System


Multi-Tech™ Clarification & Filtration Systems in Packaged Pressure Configurations. Water filtration and clarification using the Multi-Tech system provides high quality water treatment with minimal footprint. Small foot print and modular construction makes installation and more cost effective. Less building space required.

Multi-Tech™ systems provide you with:

  • Treatment for surface and ground water
  • 45 to 770 gpm treatment per train
  • Removal of Crypto and Giardia Cysts
  • Treatment of < 100 NTU and < 50 color units source waters
  • Treatment of up to 10 ppm combined iron, manganese and arsenic removal

The Multi-Tech™ clarifier filter system minimizes size and cost and maximizes efficiency and performance.  It is one of many steel filter designs available to you.  

Installation Base: With the introduction of the Multi-Tech™ system in June of 1980, the number of locations realizing the benefits is large.  More than 1000 units have been sold to date.

  • Pre-engineered pressure system
  • High Rate Clarifier and Filter
  • Clarifier flush with filter waste

  • Minimizes installation cost and time
  • Mobilized if required
  • Minimizes building size and cost
  • Eliminates repumping
  • Smaller footprint than conventional clarifier and filter
  • Higher production per area
  • Minimizes overall waste