- Filtration Process


MULTIWASH Filtration Process combines air and water simultaneously for the duration of the backwash. The combined air and water wash provides a vigorous scouring action to clean the media while specially designed wash trough baffles are used to eliminate media loss. The superior cleaning performance of the MULTIWASH process prevents both chemical and biological fouling of the filter media, eliminating expensive chemical cleaning or media replacement.

Equip your filters with the MULTIWASH process and get: 

  • Guarantees against mudball formation and media loss
  • Consistently better backwash performance
  • The widest available selection of filter media configurations
  • Consistent effluent quality

MULTIWASH Filtration Process was originally developed for wastewater filtration.  Deep, large media beds provide longer filter runs while producing comparable effluent quality.  Several plant retrofits confirm the powerful backwash provided with the MULTIWASH® filtration process.

You could obtain a reduction in power costs and improved filtration efficiency with MULTIWASH.  Call us to see how this can be done.


  • Sustained simultaneous air water backwash
  • Guaranteed media cleanliness
  • Guaranteed media loss prevention
  • Adaptable to any media configuration
  • Retrofit options
  • Over 375 installations


  • Cleanest media
  • Consistent effluent quality
  • No mudball formation
  • Proper filter operation
  • Channeling eliminated
  • Best media selected
  • Improved performance for existing filters
  • Proven performance
  • Knowledgeable engineers


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