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- Package Water Treatment Plant


WesTech’s RapiSand Plus™ combined package water treatment system is uniquely designed with a comprehensive process of ballasted flocculation followed by media filtration. This product innovatively combines clarification and filtration into a single unit, resulting in excellent water quality. Ideal for small spaces, it effectively treats high solids waters, flashy waters, and difficult-to-treat waters under challenging conditions.


The process starts with the WesTech RapiSand™ ballasted flocculation system. In the first section, raw water is mixed with coagulant. Two flocculation tanks follow, where coagulated water is mixed with polymer and microsand. The polymer binds the microsand grains and the flocculated particles.

Next is the clarification section where the ballasted floc settles, and the clarified water passes up through tube settlers.

In the final filtration stage, the Microfloc™ mixed media filter system captures any floc particles by running through a filter bed containing three media layers of varying size and specific gravity. The bed removes turbidity, suspended solids, color, iron, and manganese. The result is superior quality finished water.

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