Yamato Scientific America Inc.

- Model WG250B/1000 - Auto Still Water Purifier



Yamato’s Auto Still multi-purpose water purifiers come standard with water intake membrane filters to increase the life span of all consumables and a 30L(WG251) or 100L (WG1001) large storage tank capacity. The standard equipped membrane filters at feeding port protect pure water production from contamination. The WG series produces ASTM deionized water type 1 and type 2 distilled water kept in a 30L or 100L storage tank.

  • Pre-treatment cartridge removes bacteria, trihalomethane, residual chlorine, organic and dust
  • High performance ion-exchange resin cartridge (CPC-S, 4L) achieves high purity water with low electric conductivity and TOC
  • Multi-functional control and display panel
  • Standard equipped with membrane filter at water feeding port
  • Large distilled water tank with capacity of 30L (WG250B) and 100L (WG1000)
  • Easy to use slide out type water sampling tray with drainage eliminates concerns about overflowing water discharge

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