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Zonel Filtech offer the filter belt for press belt filters and tower press filters or vertical press filters (HVPF), as well as the belt vacuum filters, the material adopted can be polypropylene and polyester monofilament and multifilament according to different applications, any filtration solutions needed, welcome to contact Zonel Filtech!

  • Optimized raw material make the belt with a high tensile strength and perfect abrasion resistance; the clipper and glue all specialized according to different applications as so make the whole belt keep a strong structure, with a perfect chemical resistance so as to get the sound filter efficiency and longer service life.

  • The press filter belt from Zonel Filtech are widely installed in press belt filters, tower press belt filters (HVPF), vacuum belt filters in many industries, such as:
  • Mining industries: such as tailing processing, coaling washing;
  • Chemical plants: such as phosphoric acid processing, alumina concentrating, potash processing, citric acid processing;
  • Food processing: such as juice press filtering, cornstarch concentrating, food sterilization, edible oil production, etc.
  • The filter press belt also used many in pharmaceutical plants, as well as many sewage water treatment plants for slurry dewatering.

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